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XWDS-1020DT electrolytic cell cleaning machine

Applicable scope

Mainly used for electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning of hardware molds and components

Product features

◆ Adopting high-precision DC power supply, electrolytic rust removal, oil removal, glue removal, etc., with high efficiency;

Equipped with a self circulating filtration device, it effectively filters out dirt in the liquid.

◆ Adopting stainless steel coated electrolytic basket, non-destructive workpiece.

◆ Button control, easy to operate and maintain.

Internal groove size: 300 * 480 * 240 (L. * W * H) mm

◆ Equipped with time timing, alarm, and other protective functions:

◆ Equipped with an independent electrical box, the strong and weak currents are divided into sections for easy maintenance and warranty;

The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, which is beautiful and elegant.

Product Description