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XWDS-1201 80THZD fully automatic semi open cleaning machine (automatic/manual dual-purpose)

Suitable for cleaning and drying various precision optical glasses such as infrared germanium sheets and chromium sheets.

◆ Semi open design, fully automatic cleaning, and manual cleaning.

According to the process requirements, ultrasonic systems in various frequency bands can be optionally equipped.

◆ Customized process settings, capable of switching to multiple cleaning modes.

◆ Using ultrasonic frequencies of 28HKz, 40KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz, 125KHz, etc.

Intelligent side arm robotic arm with precise positioning and stable operation.

◆ Independent touch operation platform, which can be flexibly adjusted according to actual situations.

Unique basket style structure, convenient and practical.

◆ Adopting precision screw drive, stable and reliable operation

Unique throwing and lifting mechanism ensures the reliability and stability of the system.

The belt type feeding and discharging conveying system effectively eliminates secondary pollution.

Equipped with an FFU high-efficiency filtration system, ensuring the cleanliness of the air.

The Freon drying tank adopts a circulating heating method; And equipped with automatic fire extinguishing and other devices.

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