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Characteristics and application fields of single slot in ultrasonic cleaning machines



The reason why Xinwandesheng single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is called single slot is because it has only one cleaning slot, so it is called single slot type.

In order to distinguish it from gift and household ultrasonic cleaning machines, single slot ultrasonic cleaning machines are much larger than them. The other two or more cleaning tanks are called multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machines or fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines.


A single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as a universal ultrasonic cleaning machine, is designed to clean carbon deposits, engine oil, and residual oil stains on the engine spindle and other parts during maintenance in automotive repair shops, Compared to the cleaning of other parts The cleaning equipment for precision molds cannot be shared with this machine. If it only cleans the surface of the mold, it can be used because the ultrasonic cleaning process is an action that impacts the pollution source of the workpiece through appropriate ultrasonic power, frequency, and matching of corresponding cleaning agents. This action cannot be completed manually, but is achieved at a repetition rate of tens of thousands of times per second. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic cleaning machines Composed of a sound wave generator and an ultrasonic transducer.

Summarize its advantages as follows:

(1) Fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, consistent workpiece cleanliness, and no damage to the surface of the workpiece.

(2) No need for manual contact with cleaning solution, safe and reliable for cleaning deep holes, fine seams, and hidden parts of workpieces.

(3) Save solvents, heat, workspace, and labor.

(4) High cleaning accuracy, capable of effectively cleaning small dirt particles.

Due to its small size, single slot ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly used in the electronics industry, electroplating industry, hardware industry, and automotive parts industry, with good quality and affordable prices.
The single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can customize the size of the single slot according to different cleaning contents in the industry, so as to work continuously and is deeply loved by many enterprises.

The single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can customize the size of the single slot according to different cleaning contents in the industry, thereby optimizing the cleaning ability to a large extent. It belongs to non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment, which greatly reduces the volume of large ultrasonic cleaning machines while retaining strong cleaning ability. It is a major innovation of the Chaojinda ultrasonic cleaning machine.




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