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Ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for various cleaning needs



In addition to its own cleaning function, Xinwandesheng also has various functions such as extraction, emulsification, accelerated dissolution, crushing, and dispersion. Main features:

1. The ultrasound power can be continuously adjusted from 40% to 100%.

2. Large screen LED display.

3. 1-60 minute working time setting.

4. The frequency can be freely switched between 25KHz/45KHz.

5. The temperature range is adjustable from 20 to 80 ℃.

Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the manufacturing and maintenance cleaning of industries such as machinery, electronics, plastics, instruments and meters, environmental protection, medicine, packaging, military industry, aerospace, ships, automobiles, etc; Cleaning of experimental material straws, nozzles, and vessels, degassing treatment before chromatography, and cleaning of medical equipment, medical materials, and utensils; Cleaning of jewelry, jewelry, watches, precious metals, gemstones, coins, glasses, etc.

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Product selection:

Xinwandesheng product engineers all have professional technical backgrounds and must undergo strict training and assessment before they can officially take up their positions. Xinwandesheng engineers will provide professional technology and services to help you fully understand product models, technical indicators, performance, usage scenarios, etc., to ensure that you make the correct choice before signing the contract. After the contract is signed, Xinwandesheng will provide products with the same model as specified in the contract in a timely manner according to the agreed delivery time. Xinwandesheng Company will actively communicate and cooperate with you regarding changes to the product model before delivery to meet your reasonable requirements.

Logistics delivery:

Xinwandesheng will choose a suitable professional logistics or courier company based on your region and the characteristics of the ordered products. Each product will be delivered to your doorstep (large products do not include going upstairs), except in extreme cases (such as chemical factories requiring courier personnel to purchase chemical protective clothing to enter the factory; there are no express delivery points in your county or township). During the entire logistics process, if you experience any lack of cooperation or even unfair treatment from our Shanghai Braun partners, please directly contact the Braun product engineer or Braun customer relationship management center who serves you for support and assistance.

Goods acceptance:

The risk of damage during logistics delivery is borne by Shanghai Billon and its logistics partners, and efforts will be made to avoid such incidents. After the product is delivered to the site, we strongly recommend that you conduct a comprehensive and careful on-site inspection of the appearance, quantity, accessories, and other aspects of the delivered goods. Xinwandesheng will try its best to avoid any further damage or logistics related issues after delivery.

Technical support:

According to product characteristics and customer regions, Shanghai Billon Instruments can provide free or paid on-site training and technical support at the request of customers (subject to contract agreements). In the subsequent use of the product, if there are any technical issues that need to be consulted, please contact the product engineer or Xinwandesheng Technical Support Center who serves you. We will do our best to provide you with enthusiastic and high-quality answers and services.




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