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XWDS-2024SG fully automatic etching machine

◆ Adopting stainless steel 31 6 # single arm dragon [door arm robot arm], the robot arm fixture is used as a coating anti-corrosion facility.

◆ Adopting PLC programming control, different process programs can be programmed according to requirements, and implemented through human-machine interface

Set various parameters now.

◆ It can perform real-time security monitoring and digital recording.

◆ Adopting an isolated ultrasonic etching groove and a dual frequency switching design.

Equipped with a QDR quick discharge system, it effectively removes stains from the product.

◆ Cyanofluoric acid ultrasonic cleaning, Dl water rinsing, bubbling, spraying - integrated cleaning process.

◆ The material is made of imported porcelain white PP board from West Germany.

Double layer leak proof safety tank design.

Product Description