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The story behind the technology of Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning machine



Under the intense competition in the industry market, price competition is quite fierce. After searching for a price, the same customer asked, "How could the price of ultrasound differ so much? The imported ones are actually cheaper than the domestically produced ones. Is there really such a good thing?"? In a society tempted by money, integrity is getting farther and farther away from us. Below are some low-priced sales strategies in the ultrasound industry that we will introduce to you:

1: The competition between imports and domestic production: The components of ultrasound are almost universally available in China, why import them? Of course, some imported components are necessary, such as integrated modules, because the grade of domestic products is not the same as that of foreign products. However, many manufacturers' technical information states that the transducer is imported from Germany under the brand of Cerentech. How could it be possible? There are many transducer manufacturers in China, and their prices are originally lower than those imported. How could Chinese people who like low prices choose to import them? In fact, all domestic brands are used, and they are very low-end without brands. One of the reasons for deceiving and reducing prices is that when the proposal was submitted, it was said to be imported, but in reality, domestic brands were used during production.

2: Actual power dispute: Ultrasonic power is calculated based on the actual volume of the tank, while the power of a standard machine is calculated based on the bottom area. Often, some manufacturers quote high power (exceeding the actual power requirements) at a low price, giving customers a feeling of being very cheap. However, in actual production, it is often 60% -70% of the reported power, and customers do not take advantage of it. This is one way, and there is another way, which is in the form of a vibrating plate. Because it is sealed, the actual power of the vibrating plate is questionable. Speculative manufacturers often weld screws inside but do not install transducers. In this case, is the actual power of your ultrasound still the one you agreed on? It is also 60% -70% of the reported power, which gives customers the impression of low price and affordability, but in reality, you are even more at a loss.

3: Actual material dispute: Ultrasonic cleaning machines are mainly composed of stainless steel plates, with ordinary inner grooves using 304, special requirements using 316L, and outer sealing plates that do not come into direct contact with liquids using 304. However, some companies now use a type of stainless steel plate (201 or 202) to deceive customers, and the outer surface cannot be seen because it is also shiny. However, after using it for a few months, it will seriously rust and affect the appearance.

This is some insider information about the ultrasonic cleaning industry recently, and it is becoming increasingly serious. Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. asks consumers not to trust low prices. In fact, cleaning equipment is like ordinary consumer goods, excessively low priced items. Do you think it is reliable? Will there be something hidden behind it? The price of a product always revolves around its value. If the price deviates from the actual value of the product, then it does not follow market rules!




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