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Warmly celebrate Guangdong Vandesheng's success in the final of the "the Belt and Road" Cultural Innovation Competition in the Greater Bay Area


On December 8, the "the Belt and Road" Cultural and Creative Competition in the Greater Bay Area was awarded at the Academy of Nanhai Guangzhou University of Technology. Six cultural projects from the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area have gone through roadshows and other stages of competition to compete for the winning list of three excellent projects. The award-winning projects will receive valuable opportunities such as financing introduction, industry docking, and scientific and technological innovation collaboration, opening up vast space for accelerated development.
The theme of this event is "Inheritance, Integration, Open Innovation", creating a one-stop service platform for cultural industry resource docking and international trade. The Foshan Integrated Development Association jointly undertakes the Greater Bay Area competition area, and through extensive exploration and cultivation of talents and projects with growth potential, selects a group of excellent institutions, enterprises, and makers and gives them maximum empowerment, providing strong industrialization support for excellent enterprises.

After fierce competition, three projects including Guangdong Wandesheng, Lianyungang Youyuan Pharmaceutical, and Foshan Wanrong each won gold, silver, and bronze awards in their respective regions, demonstrating the "kung fu" nature of Foshan's intelligent manufacturing. At the award ceremony, Zhang Yingxin, the former deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a speech, pointing out that "the Belt and Road" is one of the important strategic development decisions of the country. The event is held in the context of cultural inheritance and development. The introduction and innovation of culture will bring new significance to the development and transformation of regional industries, and she expects Foshan to continue to lead and innovate in the intelligent manufacturing industry to show stronger strength.

It is reported that since the launch of this competition in June, various forces in society have been working together. The Foshan Integrated Development Association has made every effort to connect and attract high-quality projects to participate. The competition has been divided into six main theme tracks, including cultural consumption, cultural sports, and cultural intelligence, under the "Enterprise Group" and "Maker Group" groups. A comprehensive evaluation has been conducted through dimensions such as business model, market competitiveness, innovation, and technological leadership.

During the project roadshow, Guangdong Wandesheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. demonstrated outstanding strength and development potential in the research and production of intelligent automated cleaning equipment. After more than ten years of deep cultivation and development, we have established a full line of research, production, and sales capabilities covering a full range of professional equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our technology upgrades and product iterations are ready to take off. We are currently closely cooperating with international brands such as SONY, Nikon, and Panasonic, accelerating our growth in the industry track with unlimited potential. Lianyungang Youyuan Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a global leader in cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization equipment. It has developed China's first A-pulse vacuum sterilizer, establishing a leading position in the industry. The complete solution provided by its hospital disinfection supply center has a broad market space.

On the tenth anniversary of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, this competition in the Greater Bay Area is not only a competition, but also a colorful international cultural exchange stage and industrial landing platform. The comprehensive support of three-dimensional services such as venture capital fund support, cultural and creative board listing guidance, United Nations trade cloud platform procurement guidance, entrepreneurship incubation guidance, and new media support will deeply promote the integration of participating projects with international cultural and industrial resources, and open up a broad path for the development and takeoff of high-quality projects.