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Notice on the arrangement of the May Day holiday in 2015


Dear all staff and colleagues
On the occasion of the International Labor Day on May Day, on behalf of Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd., I would like to extend holiday greetings to all employees and colleagues who have worked hard and silently contributed in various positions! I would like to extend my sincere condolences to all colleagues and exemplary individual who have worked selflessly for many years!
Wishing you a happy holiday, good health, smooth work, and a happy family!
Thank you for your long-term support and trust. Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. has arranged the following holiday for May Day in 2015:

[Holiday Time]:
Holiday from May 1st to May 3rd, 2015

Normal working hours:
On May 4th, 2015, Monday, I started working normally

[National Customer Service Hotline: 400-0852-668]:
During holidays, our company's 24-hour national customer service hotline is 400-0852-668. If you have any needs, you can directly contact us. Our customer service personnel will be dedicated to providing you with professional, enthusiastic, and thoughtful after-sales and technical support services.

This announcement is hereby made!

General Manager's Office
April 30th, 2015

The origin of May Day Labor Day:
On July 14, 1889, the Socialist Congress convened by Marxists from various countries was grandly opened in Paris, France. At this conference, French representative Lavin proposed to designate May 1, 1886, the Day of Struggle for Eight Hour Work by American Workers, as a common holiday for the international proletariat. The attending representatives unanimously agreed and passed this historic resolution. From then on, May Day International Labor Day was born.




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