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Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning machine can complete good work


Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning utilizes the socialization, acceleration, and direct inflow effects of ultrasound in liquids to directly and indirectly disperse, emulsify, and peel off the dirt layer, achieving the cleaning purpose. Currently, cavitation and direct inflow are more commonly used in ultrasonic cleaning machines.

(1) Cavitation effect: Cavitation effect refers to the high-frequency transformation of ultrasonic waves into liquids through the interaction of compression force and pressure reduction at a rate of more than 20000 times per second. During the pressure reduction process, a phenomenon of vacuum core bubbles is generated in the liquid. Under the compression force, the vacuum core bubbles generate a strong impact force when crushed by pressure, thereby peeling off the dirt on the surface of the cleaned object and achieving precision cleaning.

(2) Direct inflow effect: The phenomenon of ultrasonic waves flowing along the direction of sound propagation in a liquid is called direct inflow. When the sound wave intensity is 0.5W/cm2, the naked eye can see a straight inflow, generating flow perpendicular to the vibrating surface, with a flow velocity of about 10cm/s. Through this direct inflow, the micro oil and dirt on the surface of the cleaned object are stirred, and the cleaning solution on the dirt surface also generates convection. The solution that dissolves the dirt mixes with the new solution, accelerating the dissolution rate and playing a significant role in the transportation of the dirt.

(3) Acceleration: The acceleration generated by the propulsion of liquid particles. For high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, the cavitation effect is not significant. At this time, the cleaning mainly relies on the acceleration of liquid particles under ultrasonic action to collide with particles for ultra precision cleaning of dirt.




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