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Operating Procedures for Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment



Analysis of common faults in ultrasonic cleaning machines

When an ultrasonic cleaning machine malfunctions and cannot be used normally, the common situations are as follows. Analyze and test these situations accordingly;

1、 Damaged insurance: If there is no power display or action after starting up, first check if the insurance inside the power socket is damaged.

Analysis: It is possible that the user's grounding wire is mixed with the live or neutral wire and not grounded (the grounding wire of the machine is connected to the machine casing). It is also possible that the machine is short circuited and the components are aging, resulting in short circuiting and insurance damage.

Detection: Take out the insurance and observe if there is any breakage. Use a broken gear to measure if it is disconnected, and replace it with a new component.

2、 Damaged transducer:

Analysis: It is possible that due to prolonged use on the machine, the temperature will gradually rise, causing the colloid melting transducer to fall off or the ceramic part of the transducer to break.

Testing: Measure the insulation strength of the transducer using a shake table. If the insulation strength is below 200m Ω, it is no longer usable and needs to be replaced with a new transducer. The internal ceramic of the transducer may also break due to long-term use, making it unable to function properly.

3、 Power tube damage:

Analysis: The power transistor on the motherboard may experience short circuits due to prolonged mechanical use or insufficient cleaning fluid.

Detection: When the power transistor is connected to the motherboard, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the pins on both sides of the power transistor. Under normal circumstances, it should be around 22 Ω. After removing the power transistor (disconnected from the motherboard), measure that its pins are not connected.




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