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Industry standards for ultrasonic cleaning machines need to be improved


The ultrasonic cleaning machine industry is developing rapidly, and its huge market potential has attracted more and more manufacturers. Capital is rapidly pouring into this industry, but the development of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry has not been improved, and there is an urgent need to establish industry standards.

Due to the wide range of applications of ultrasonic cleaning machines, not only in the industrial and household fields, but also in the household sector, even some large traditional home appliance enterprises have begun to enter this field in the form of OEM. However, the industry standards for ultrasonic cleaning machines are not yet standardized, and the development of the industry is not yet perfect. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. At the consumer level, many individual users have low awareness of ultrasonic cleaning machines. Some even have no knowledge and hold a distrust attitude towards its cleaning effect. According to the laws of the market, the cycle from entering the market to encountering a ceiling in industry development is 20 years. It can be said that this industry has long been strong. Although ultrasonic cleaning machines have entered the domestic market for more than 30 years, household ultrasonic cleaning machines have only begun to develop in the past decade, and are still in the development stage with a penetration rate of only 8-15%.

2. At the basic level of the industry, there is a lack of leading enterprises and inadequate product promotion. Due to the low entry threshold of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry, most of the small enterprises engaged in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines. According to industry insiders, factories can be opened for 200000 to 300000 yuan, and if they are licensed, they can be put into operation for over 100000 yuan. At present, there are more than 200 domestic ultrasonic cleaning machine brands with incomplete statistics, but less than one tenth truly possess independent research and development capabilities and master core manufacturing technologies. The consequence of uneven technological levels in the industry is the proliferation of miscellaneous products and severe instability in quality. At present, there are a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market, with different brands and shapes, which are dazzling. Although these products have different names, their working principles are similar. Due to different specifications, prices also vary greatly, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand yuan.

3. At the promotion level, due to the large number of small and micro enterprises, their financial strength is limited. The cost of market promotion and education is extremely low, even promotional materials are calculated over and over again, and giving them to distributors and agents will only result in a small amount. Short sighted market behavior does not have a significant impact on the market, but rather affects the development of the industry. At the same time, some companies have fallen into a disorderly predicament in their promotion. Too much focus on single product promotion. Each enterprise only establishes its own portal to promote its own products, without forming a systematic and comprehensive promotion system. It lacks consideration for the entire industry and consumers, and society knows very little about the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry. In addition, larger industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines are products that require high after-sales service requirements. Purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine is like purchasing other equipment, and long-term after-sales maintenance is important. At present, most ultrasonic cleaning machine enterprises in China adopt a one-year warranty after-sales service.

Another important aspect is the lack of unified industry standards at the policy level. The development of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry requires the guidance of national policies, and more importantly, the industry's own standards and efforts. Just like the solar energy industry and the shampoo car industry, the national policy guidance should accelerate the development of the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry. Due to the current lack of industry and national standards, there are a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning machines and their products are mixed. Not many of the more than 200 manufacturers in the country have real strength, mostly small businesses and handicraft workshops with 20-30 people. Some manufacturers change their brand year after year in order to make quick money, and are irresponsible to distributors, agents, and other partners. Without the constraints of industry standards, how can companies that are irresponsible to distributors and consumers convince people? How can the industry thrive? The guidance of policies is a powerful weapon for enterprises, distributors, and consumers to jointly pay attention to the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry. Under the supervision of the whole nation, those unscrupulous enterprises naturally have no room for survival. These two are mutually beneficial and complementary.

Although there are currently various problems in the ultrasonic cleaning machine industry, the overall development trend of the industry is good. A group of industry leading brands such as Kewei have begun to emerge and gradually won widespread recognition and praise from users. Driven by such a group of leading enterprises, we believe that industry standards will eventually be established.





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