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Operation method and precautions of ultrasonic cleaning machine


(1) The power supply of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and the power supply of the electric heater must have a good grounding device.

(2) It is strictly prohibited to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or solvent in the tank, which may cause empty vibration and result in the vibration head being scrapped or damaged.

(3) Cleaning equipment with a heating system is strictly prohibited from turning on the heating switch when there is no liquid.

(4) It is prohibited to use heavy objects (iron parts) to impact the bottom of the cleaning cylinder to prevent damage to the energy converter chip.

(5) The ultrasonic generator power supply should use a separate 220V/50Hz power supply and be equipped with a voltage regulator of 2000W or above.

(6) The bottom of the cleaning cylinder should be regularly flushed, and there should be no excessive debris or dirt.

(7) Do not put your fingers into the cleaning tank during the operation of the cleaning machine, as it may cause stinging or discomfort.

(8) When changing the liquid, wait for the ultrasonic wave to start before washing the parts.

(9) Using clean water or aqueous solutions as cleaning agents is strictly prohibited. Alcohol, gasoline, or any flammable gas is strictly prohibited from being added to the cleaning machine as cleaning agents. Our company is not responsible for any fires, explosions, or other incidents caused by this.

(10) The best way to achieve the best ultrasonic cleaning effect is to set the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank at 30-50 ℃, and select the correct cleaning agent according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvent cleaning agents, and chemical reaction cleaning agents. Usually, water-based cleaning agents are commonly used, and different cleaning times are selected based on the degree of contamination and the nature of the dirt being cleaned.




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