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The best cleaning method for screen mesh is to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine



The screening of grains or mining areas requires the use of screening nets. After prolonged use, the sieve holes will be blocked (such as diamond screens). If ordinary manual methods are used for cleaning for a long time, it will damage the decoration and the effect is not ideal. The emergence of ultrasonic cleaning machines has made the cleaning of screens no longer a difficult problem for people. Using ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean not only does not damage the screen, but also is fast, and the clogged particles on the screen are completely recovered. If you want to obtain finer particles (500 mesh or more), you need to use the characteristic that the particle size settles differently in water. However, the finer the particles, the easier it is for them to clump and clump due to their own gravitational force. It is difficult to achieve the desired effect with manual stirring. The specific operation process is to put the particles in a certain proportion into water, stir manually to form a suspended state, immerse the bucket in the ultrasonic tank for ultrasonic treatment, take it out and let it settle naturally after a certain period of time, take out the fine layer on top (depending on experience), and then add water to the bucket, repeating the above process.

If you are still troubled by the cleaning of the sieve, try the Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning machine. It will definitely bring you surprises.




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