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Eighth session veteran Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company is once again invited to participate in the 16th Light Expo


In the golden September, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is about to welcome a grand feast in the optoelectronics industry: the 16th China International Optoelectronics Expo. The entire Light Expo will be held from September 2nd to September 5th, and all the invited companies are from the top industry strength both domestically and internationally.


This year's Light Expo has seen a significant increase in scale, exhibition hall area, and number of participating companies compared to previous editions. The threshold for being invited to participate in exhibitions has also been further raised, and any invited enterprise,

All of them come from top domestic enterprises and internationally renowned enterprises, and the overall level of the Light Expo has also been significantly improved as a result.


Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. has been invited to participate in the Light Expo for the eighth time. For the participating enterprises in the Light Expo, it can be considered as a veteran level enterprise. On the one hand, it is natural that the Light Expo trusts Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company, and on the other hand, it also demonstrates the strong strength of Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company.


According to the author's understanding, Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company was initially just an unknown small enterprise, which also introduced advanced foreign technology and mainly assembled and produced itself. But how did Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company gradually grow into a company with technological strength that can compete with top foreign enterprises today?


The author learned from the responsible personnel of Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company that the reason for this is the company's emphasis on technological innovation. Many domestic enterprises rely on foreign technologies to introduce them, and their core components and technologies are all subject to human control. When facing foreign enterprises, they have no competitiveness.


Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company deeply feels its grievances and invests a large part of its profits in research and development every year. Although the profit margin of Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company is much lower than that of its competitors, the effect is very obvious.


Nowadays, Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company has become an absolute leading enterprise in ultrasonic cleaning machines, spin dryers and other products. Compared with top international enterprises, its technical level is not inferior at all, and it is even in a leading position in certain fields. For example, the XWDS-011 automatic core adjustment centrifugal spin dryer is the first product in the industry, which is a technological innovation with independent core technology, leading the entire industry at home and abroad, Exhibition hall number: Hall 7, 7E07. Welcome new and old customers to visit at that time.


For this year's Light Expo, the person in charge of Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company revealed to the author that Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company is very confident in competing with top international enterprises in this exhibition event, to prove that domestic brands can also be better than top international enterprises. This is also the wish of many domestic brands, and of course, it must be built on absolute strength to speak such confident words.


Here, the author sincerely wishes Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company to fulfill its promise, defeat numerous top international enterprises, and also wishes many domestic brands to achieve good results, completely changing the shameful image of domestic brands being inferior to international brands. Let's start with Shenzhen Xinwandesheng Company for this wish!




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