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Single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine

Equipment characteristics

The XWDS-01 D series single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine can use alkaline or weakly acidic water-based cleaning agents.

The XWDS-01 D series cleaning machine is widely used in various industries such as hardware electroplating or cleaning, clock industry, jewelry, jewelry, glasses, hardware, electronics, medical optics, etc.

Product features

◆ Using imported stainless steel plates and components, the ultrasonic transducer uses imported high-performance components, and the transducer has high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.

The tank body is made of all stainless steel structure, with a beautiful and durable appearance.

The cleaning tank is equipped with heating and temperature control devices, with a temperature control range from RT-100C.

There are two types of ultrasonic cleaning tanks: bottom vibration mode and edge vibration mode, to meet different cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning tank, in addition to standard sizes, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Description