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Design and Application Principles of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


The Xinwandesheng ultrasonic transducer converts high-frequency oscillating electrical signals into high-frequency mechanical oscillations, radiating in the form of longitudinal waves in the cleaning solution. During the half wave period of radiation wave expansion, the density of the cleaning solution is disrupted and countless diameters ranging from 50 to 500 are formed μ Bubbles of m. This type of bubble is filled with solution vapor. During the compressed half wave period, the bubble closes at a velocity, producing a local hydraulic impact of hundreds of Mpa. This phenomenon is called the "cavitation" effect. Under the continuous action of the "cavitation" effect, dirt on the surface or hidden areas of the workpiece is burst and peeled off. At the same time, under the action of ultrasound, the permeation effect of the cleaning solution is strengthened; Intensified pulsation stirring; Accelerated dissolution, dispersion, and emulsification; So as to thoroughly clean the workpiece.




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