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Development Trend of Xinwan Analysis Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine



For the dirt on the rotor, we can use the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively clean oil, dust, carbon powder and other dirt. Improving the efficiency of servo motor equipment and extending its service life is a specialized equipment for cleaning and maintaining motor equipment.

PLC full program control and touch screen operation interface, easy to operate. The impact of ultrasonic vibration of cleaning solution on dirt in ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound accelerates the dissolution process of dirt by chemical cleaning agents, combining chemical and physical forces to accelerate the cleaning process. Any place where liquid can be immersed and the sound field exists has a cleaning effect, which is suitable for cleaning servo motor rotors with complex surface shapes. Moreover, using an ultrasonic cleaning machine can ensure that the servo motor rotor does not rust while cleaning cleanly.
Thanks to the sharp penetration and cavitation impact generated by its sound wave propagation in the medium, it is easy to clean components with complex shapes, inner cavities, and fine holes. For general processes such as oil removal, rust prevention, and phosphating, they can be quickly completed under the action of ultrasound. Its speed can be several times or even dozens of times higher than traditional methods, and the cleanliness can also reach high standards. This fully reflects the superiority of this method in situations where the surface quality and production efficiency of servo motor rotors are required to be high.
With the rapid development of materials technology, power electronics technology, computer technology, microelectronics technology, and the gradual improvement of ultrasonic cleaning technology, as well as the continuous upgrading of manufacturing industry and the rapid development of manufacturing technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology, one of the core technologies of processing and manufacturing technology, will undoubtedly usher in another great opportunity for development!




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