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Investigation and Handling of an Ultrasonic Electric Fish Case in Liuyang City, Hunan Province


At around 2 pm on November 2nd, the Liuyang Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Aquatic Products Bureau received a report that someone was engaging in electric fishing in the Liuqiao water area of the Liuyang River.

The fishery law enforcement officers of the Liuyang Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Fisheries Bureau immediately drove the fishery speedboat to the scene, only to see a small raft hovering in the middle of the river, with one person driving and the other fishing. "Please dock immediately for inspection!" The law enforcement officers shouted, ordering both individuals to dock.

After on-site investigation, it was found that there are two 12 volt batteries and an ultrasonic inverter on the small boat; Nearly 10 kilograms of carp, with the smaller ones over 10 centimeters long and the larger ones weighing 3 kilograms. Liuyang fishery law enforcement officers released live fish back to the Liuyang River, and then sent the dead carp to the local nursing home.

It is understood that after the ultrasonic inverter is boosted, the voltage increases to 220 volts, or even 380 volts. By inserting two wires into the water, a high-voltage electric field is formed, which can instantly corona or directly electrocute the fish around the nearby water area. At present, this electric fish case will be further handled in accordance with fishery laws and regulations.
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