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Electrochemical characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment


The electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of a 316 stainless steel tank, an ultrasonic system, an electrolytic circuit system, electrodes, trays, a filtration and circulation system, a timing device, and a panel electrical switch device

1. Electrolytic cleaning is a cleaning method that uses electrolysis to remove dirt from the metal surface; Electrolysis is a process in which substances undergo chemical decomposition under the action of an electric current. During the electrolysis process, dirt on the metal surface begins to fall off, which is accelerated by the impact of ultrasonic waves. Animal and vegetable oils, mineral oils, paraffin, carbon deposits, and oxide layers are adhered to the metal surface. Removing these dirt using electrolysis is called electrolytic degreasing

When the current passes through an aqueous solution containing a specially formulated electrolyte, oxygen is generated near the positive electrode of the electrolytic cell, and hydrogen is generated at the negative electrode. The metal component to be cleaned is placed in the positive electrode of the electrolytic cell. During the electrolysis process, small hydrogen gas is generated on the metal surface, and these small bubbles promote the removal of dirt from the metal surface

2. Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using a 40KHZ high-frequency power supply to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through a transducer. During this process, the transducer transfers enormous energy to the cleaning tank solution, creating positive and negative pressure zones in the liquid, forming tens of thousands of cavitation bubbles that continuously form explosions and impact the surface of the cleaned metal, causing the dirt on the metal surface to quickly detach

3. The circulation system is composed of a corrosion-resistant magnetic pump and a filter that self circulates, allowing the cleaned dirt to be quickly isolated by the filter cotton core, reducing floating debris on the liquid surface. At the same time, it can accelerate the electrolysis of the solution. The utilization rate of purified solution. The electrolytic ultrasonic system is composed of an ultrasonic generation system, an electrolytic circuit system,

Circulating filtration system, composed of specialized gold mold cleaning solution and water-based rust inhibitor

1. The electrolytic cleaning system emits gas to the metal surface, using the effect of a sauna to remove dirt and impurities from the metal surface, and can also completely remove resin components and moisture; The floating metal attached to the cathode is peeled off by the vibration of ultrasonic waves, and even dirt in relatively small corners can be completely removed

2. Restore the metal to its original color and restore its original beauty

3. Even complex shapes can remove dirt

4. Can completely and truly clean and remove dirt

5. It has good rust removal and rust prevention effects

6. Save one hour of time compared to manual cleaning

7. It is more environmentally friendly and safe than using organic solvents

8. Greatly reduces the defect rate after cleaning




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