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How to repair and maintain ultrasonic cleaning machines correctly



The Xinwandesheng cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is a sandwich type transducer made of piezoelectric ceramic material, which generates mechanical vibration under the action of an alternating electric field.

Common issues with ultrasonic transducers:

(1) "Ultrasonic transducer is damp". Generally, a megohmmeter is used to check the plug connected to the transducer. By checking the insulation resistance value between the positive and negative poles of the transducer, it can be determined. It is generally required that the insulation resistance be greater than 30 megaohms or more. If the insulation resistance value cannot be reached, it is likely that the transducer is damp. The maintenance method is to place the entire transducer (excluding the spray coated shell) in an oven set at around 100 ℃, dry it for three hours, or use a hair dryer to remove moisture until the resistance value is normal. The transducer oscillator ignites, causing the ceramic material to shatter. During maintenance, a combination of visual inspection and a megohmmeter can be used for inspection. Generally, as an emergency response measure, individual damaged transducers can be disconnected without affecting the normal use of other transducers We know that most manufacturers use adhesive to fix transducers, but ultrasonic cleaning machines may experience debonding due to vibration after long-term use. Some manufacturers also use the method of bonding and tightening with screws, which generally does not cause delamination. Due to the action of the screws, the oscillator will not fall off the vibration surface after delamination. The general judgment method is to gently shake the tail of the oscillator by hand and carefully observe the adhesive situation on the vibration surface to make a judgment.

After the detachment of the general oscillator, the output power of the ultrasonic power supply is normal. However, due to poor connection between the oscillator and the vibration surface, the vibration effect of the vibration surface is not good. After a long time, due to the inability to release energy, it is likely to burn out the oscillator. The detachment of the oscillator is quite troublesome for users to repair, and in general, it can only be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. An effective way to avoid detachment of the oscillator is to avoid hitting the vibrating surface during normal use.

(4) "Vibration surface perforation": Generally, ultrasonic transducers may experience vibration surface perforation after being used at full load for several years. This is due to long-term high-frequency vibration fatigue of the stainless steel plate on the vibration surface. Vibration surface perforation indicates that the service life of the transducer has expired and can only be replaced for maintenance.

Common problems with ultrasonic cleaning machine generators include:

⑴ Turn on the power switch of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, but the indicator light does not light up. When repairing this situation, it is necessary to check whether the power switch is intact and whether the leakage switch is closed. If the switch is intact, then check if the fuse is overloaded and blown, which can basically solve the problem.

After turning on the power switch, the indicator light is on, but there is no ultrasonic output. This situation is quite complex. When repairing, first check if the connection plug between the transducer and the ultrasonic power board is loose, and then check if the fuse is blown. If everything is normal, it is possible that there is an internal fault in the ultrasonic power generator. Use a multimeter to open the power cord and check if all the live wires are connected. After troubleshooting the generator, check if the ultrasonic transducer is burnt out and if it needs to be replaced.

The DC fuse of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is blown. It may be due to the burning of the rectifier bridge stack or power tube, or it may be due to aging of the transducer and unstable current, all of which can cause power generator failure. Pay more attention during maintenance.

After turning on the power switch, the ultrasonic cleaning machine produces ultrasonic output, but the cleaning effect is not as ideal as before. This situation is mostly caused by improper use, such as improper cleaning liquid level in the cleaning tank, which is too high or too low; The ultrasonic frequency coordination was not adjusted properly; The liquid temperature in the cleaning tank is too high or too low; Improper selection or insufficient amount of cleaning solution. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that after the transducer is debonded, most of the ultrasonic energy cannot be transmitted to the cleaning solution. In this case, it should be promptly sent back to the manufacturer for repair to avoid burning the oscillator.





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