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The preferred effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine is Xinwandesheng



Efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

Since the emergence of ultrasonic cleaning technology, its outstanding cleaning efficiency has been highly favored by users in the industry, especially with its significant improvement in cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, which is captivating at first sight.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning machines not only improves the working environment and reduces labor intensity, but also shortens the cleaning time by a quarter on the basis of significantly improving cleaning accuracy for complex mechanical parts that used to require manual cleaning for a long time in dirty environments.

Speaking of the cleaning effect of ultrasonic waves, Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning equipment is widely used in cleaning machines from various manufacturers, and it feels that the cleaning effect is excellent. Generally, ultrasonic cleaning machines have good results, and even very small areas can be cleaned. It is even more important to produce ultrasonic cleaning machines in the industry, with guaranteed quality, affordable prices, and good service attitude. Compared to all current cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has a higher efficiency.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect:

In terms of cleaning methods, the cleaning methods used in industrial cleaning are generally manual cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, vapor phase cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. Based on the cleaning effect, cleaning methods can be clearly distinguished. Ultrasonic cleaning is internationally recognized as a highly efficient and effective cleaning method, with a cleaning efficiency of over 98% and a high level of cleanliness, However, the cleaning efficiency of traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning is only 60% -70%, even for meteorological cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning, the cleaning efficiency is lower than 90%. Therefore, in industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machines are undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning due to their high efficiency, good effect, and suitability for large-scale cleaning. This is also why industries with high cleanliness requirements, such as aviation instruments, vacuum coating, optical equipment, etc, The reason why industries such as medical devices choose ultrasonic cleaning.




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