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Infrared lens ultrasonic cleaning machine (Freon drying type)

Applicable scope

Mainly used for cleaning infrared optical lens components such as germanium, chromium, sulfur, etc.

Product features

◆ Using neutral cleaning agents, Dl water, IPA dehydration, and Freon drying.

Equipped with a filtration and circulation system, the cleaning solution is continuously clean.

Equipped with a workpiece and an up and down shaking system, the cleaning system has a more uniform and better effect.

The arc-shaped interval has a saw shaped overflow structure, which is beautiful and practical.

◆ Using high-frequency ultrasonic frequencies such as 28HKz, 40KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz, 125KHz, etc.

Ultrasound uses a generator with an efficiency of up to 95% and adjustable power of 10-100%.

◆ Adopting imported high sensitivity fireproof and explosion-proof systems, safe and reliable.

Equipped with overload protection and alarms for freezing, filtering, and throwing.

Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning process ensures cleanliness.

Equipped with exhaust system, the surrounding environment is excellent.

The Freon drying tank adopts a circulating heating method; And equipped with automatic fire extinguishing and other devices.

Product Description