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Automatic centrifugal drying machine

Applicable scope

Mainly used for dehydrating and drying optical lenses such as lenses, prisms, filters, mobile phone glass, and wafers after cleaning.

Product features

The inner cylinder of the centrifugal dryer is a suspended pendulum structure with an automatic core adjustment device;

The whole machine is made of all stainless steel materials, and the drainage port is located below the chassis;

The spindle is made of high-quality steel that has undergone heat treatment and precision processing;

◆ Adopting synchronous belt/wheel and motor drive mode, gradually reaching the speed controlled by PLC to ensure smooth machine operation;

Stable braking can be achieved through the Taiwan Shilin frequency converter, which can quickly stop the machine.

◆ Adopting a fully sealed structure and equipped with high-efficiency air filters to prevent secondary pollution;

The sealed door adopts SMC cylinder switch control;

◆ Normal working rhythm: 1-3 minutes (adjustable), capable of simultaneously swinging 2 baskets of workpieces of similar weight;

◆ Adopting a touch screen human-machine interface for intuitive and convenient operation;

◆ Equipped with water immersion alarm, maintenance reminder function, and overload protection sound and light alarm reminder function;

Equipped with a 1.5kg bias warning protection, it effectively protects product safety and equipment operation stability.

Product Description