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The principle of microwave, induction cooker, and ultrasound



Microwave ovens directly generate microwave electromagnetic waves, causing violent vibrations of food molecules, mainly water molecules. Generate heat.

An induction cooker only generates an alternating magnetic field. After the metal pot is placed on it, the alternating magnetic field generates an alternating electric field at the bottom of the iron pot. In addition, the metal pot is also an electrical conductor, forming an electric current. When there is an electric current, it will generate heat. (The induction cooker has a magnetic object sensor. Non magnetic metals, such as aluminum and copper, will not trigger the sensor when placed on it, and the induction cooker will not work. If the induction cooker does not have a protective sensor, not to mention aluminum and copper pots, a piece of meat can be directly placed on it to cook.)

And ultrasound is a mechanical wave, not an electromagnetic wave. Ultrasonic imaging is the use of the reflectivity and penetrability of sound. When ultrasound encounters objects of different textures, it produces different echoes, and the energy of ultrasound is high, which is not quickly absorbed by the detected object. It can penetrate deep into the interior of the object, and different echoes are generated in the places it passes through. The imaging instrument can capture these echoes and process them to image.

So, what is ultrasound? It is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20000 hertz. It has good directionality, strong penetration ability, and is easy to obtain concentrated sound energy. It can propagate far in water and can be used for ranging, speed measurement, ultrasonic cleaning machines, welding, gravel, sterilization and disinfection, etc. There are many applications in medicine, military, industry, and agriculture. Ultrasound is named after its lower frequency limit, which is approximately equal to the upper limit of human hearing.

Nowadays, many manufacturers use the principle of ultrasound to develop and produce, among which ultrasonic cleaning equipment is developed based on the principle of ultrasound. At present, the types of ultrasonic cleaning machine products are:

1. According to the purpose, ultrasonic cleaning machines can be divided into industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machines, household ultrasonic cleaning machines, etc.

2. According to capacity, ultrasonic cleaning machines can be divided into: large ultrasonic cleaning machines, medium ultrasonic cleaning machines, and small ultrasonic cleaning machines. The capacity ranges from 4 milliliters to several hundred liters. Can meet the needs of different industries.

According to the heating power, ultrasonic cleaning machines can be divided into high-power ultrasonic cleaning machines, low-power ultrasonic cleaning machines, and unheated ultrasonic cleaning machines. Among them, the heating power of ultrasonic cleaning machines with electric heating ranges from tens of watts to thousands of watts.




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