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Integration of ultrasound in production equipment


It is very important for any design engineer to fully utilize the advantages of material properties in the production process. However, it is generally impossible to fully utilize the characteristics of materials, as metal properties change with manufacturing, equipment, and work processes. Welding, casting, forging, rolling, manufacturing, and working environments change the characteristics of materials. When subjected to severe vibration from mechanical cyclic loads, the product mechanism is more prone to damage, output data distortion, and mechanical fatigue strength is reduced, leading to rapid aging of the mechanical mechanism. To compensate for these changes, engineers often increase the quality of raw materials or use higher strength materials to replace the original ones. But the consequence of such changes is an increase in the cost of the product. A more economical way now is to use ultrasonic technology. Today's ultrasonic equipment is more agile than many years ago, capable of storing complex information more than huge electronic components, and can directly communicate with PCs.
In mechanical engineering, ultrasonic applications are diverse. For example, surface cleaning and oil removal of products, ultrasonic testing (corrosion resistance, driver mines, wheel bearings, testing the thickness of hardened surfaces, etc.), residual stress analysis and analysis of structural combination heat treatment effects, as well as the impact on plastic deformation during welding and manufacturing processes, etc.
The practical advantages of ultrasonic technology are: no pollution to the environment, easy to use, easy access to mechanical tissues (necessary for samples on a single surface), and the surface of covered holes. When used in life cycle mechanical mechanisms, there is no need to provide special protection to the environment, and it can be used on site in non removable mechanisms, achieving automatic integration in the dynamic system.




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