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What are the operating skills for ultrasonic equipment


Maintenance skills for ultrasonic equipment
1. Move your mouth first, then move on
For faulty ultrasonic plastic welding machines, one should not rush to start, but should first inquire about the process and phenomenon of the malfunction. For ultrasonic plastic welding machines that are not very familiar, it is also necessary to first familiarize oneself with the circuit principles and structural characteristics, and follow the corresponding rules. Before disassembly, it is necessary to fully familiarize oneself with the function, position, connection method, and relationship with other surrounding components of each electrical component. In the absence of an assembly diagram, disassembly should be carried out while sketching and marking.
2. First external, then internal
The ultrasonic equipment being repaired should first be checked for obvious repair history, the condition during ultrasonic welding, the temperature and service life of the ultrasonic mold, etc., before inspecting the inside of the machine. Before dismantling, the surrounding fault factors should be identified as internal faults before dismantling. Otherwise, blind dismantling may damage the equipment as it is repaired.
3. First mechanical, then electrical
Firstly, you need to eliminate any issues with the ultrasonic mold before conducting an electrical inspection. When checking for circuit faults, detection instruments should be used to locate the faulty area, confirm that there are no poor contact faults, and then check the operation relationship between the circuit and the machinery in a targeted manner to avoid misjudgment.
4. Static first, then dynamic
When the equipment is not powered on, determine the condition of the electrical equipment buttons, contactors, relays, and fuses to determine the location of the fault. Power on test, listen to its sound, touch, measure parameters, determine faults, and then carry out maintenance.
5. Xinwande Shengjie Repair Ultrasonic Welding Machine
For heavily polluted electrical equipment, first clean the buttons, wiring points, and contact points, and check if the external control keys are malfunctioning. Many faults are caused by dirt and conductive dust blocks, and once cleaned, the faults are often resolved.
6. First amplifier board, then equipment
The failure rate of the power amplification part of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine accounts for a high proportion in the entire ultrasonic equipment, so repairing the power amplification part of the ultrasonic generator first can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.
7. First universal, then special
Faults caused by the quality of assembly parts or manufacturing processes generally account for about 50% of common faults. The faults of ultrasonic equipment are mostly hard faults, and it is necessary to carefully and clearly inspect and eliminate the problems before easily starting the experiment.
8. First peripheral, then internal
Don't rush to replace the damaged electrical components first. After confirming that the peripheral device circuit is normal, consider replacing the damaged electrical components.
9. DC before AC
During maintenance, it is necessary to first check the DC voltage before the dynamic working point of the AC circuit. If it is a problem with the filtering circuit, it will cause system problems of the entire machine. The DC power supply for ultrasonic plastic welding machines is generally 300V or -160V voltage divider.





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